Robert Preston -

Profile American leading man of vast charisma. The son of a garment worker and a record store clerk, he grew up in Los Angeles. He was a trained musician, playing[…]

Robert Preston

Derek Underwood -

Derek Underwood MBE (born Derek Leslie Underwood, 8 June 1945, Bromley, Kent, England) is an English former international cricketer, and a former President of the MCC…more

Derek Underwood

Julianna Margulies -

Profile Born in Spring Valley (near New York City) as youngest of three daughters of a former dancer in American Ballet and an advertising writer. Until beginning high school in[…]

Julianna Margulies

Griffin Dunne -

Profile Griffin Dunne was born on June 8, 1955 in New York City, the oldest child of Dominick Dunne and Ellen Griffin Dunne. He grew up mainly in Los Angeles[…]

Griffin Dunne

LeRoy Neiman -

Profile In 2006, he donated $3 million to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to support a Master’s class in figure drawing…more

LeRoy Neiman