Mark Butcher -

Mark Alan Butcher (born Croydon, London, 23 August 1972) is an English Test cricketer, who played county cricket for Surrey from 1992 until his retirement from the sport in 2009.[…]

Mark Butcher

Chris Potter -

Profile Born in Toronto, Potter discovered a love of acting in school but never considered pursuing it as a career. Eventually he worked as a stockbroker in Europe and in[…]

Chris Potter

River Phoenix -

Profile His father John had been a carpenter, his mother Arlyn was a secretary in the Bronx. They met in California in 1968 where they worked as itinerant fruit pickers.[…]

River Phoenix

King Louis XVI of France -

Louis XVI (23 August 1754 – 21 January 1793) ruled as King of France and Navarre from 1774 until 1791, and then as King of the French from 1791 to[…]

King Louis XVI of France