Lisa Blount -

Profile Grew up in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Voted “Favorite Female Newcomer” in 1983 by “US” magazine readers poll. Quit high school at age sixteen and enrolled at the University of Arkansas[…]

Lisa Blount

Peter Coyote -

Profile With Peter unseen (as in voiceovers or radio adverts), his voice is strongly reminiscent of that of Henry Fonda. Along with Glenn Close, he narrarated the opening ceremony of[…]

Peter Coyote

Gavin Newsom -

Gavin Christopher Newsom (born October 10, 1967) is the mayor of San Francisco and as of 2010 is the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor of California. He was elected mayor[…]

Gavin Newsom

Profile Congratulated for her outstanding achievement in a Mock Trial competition amongst hundreds of competitors, naming her the “most outstanding prosecution pre-trial lawyer for Los Angeles County” in 2003…more

Cerita Monet Bickelmann