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Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater is the stage name of Edward Harrington (born January 10, 1935), an American Chicago blues musician. Blues Revue  said Eddy plays “joyous rave-ups…he testifies with stunning[…]

Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater

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Tony Kaye (born Anthony John Selvidge, 11 January 1946, Leicester, England) is a British musician. Kaye was the original keyboard player for the progressive rock group Yes from 1968 to[…]

Tony Kaye

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Bryan Robson OBE (born 11 January 1957) is an English football manager and a former player. He is best known for playing in midfield for Manchester United, where he was[…]

Bryan Robson

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Before turning professional, Reynolds won the first-ever Junior Pot Black in 1981, beating Dene O’Kane, another future professional, with a 2-frame aggregate score of 151-79…more

Dean Reynolds