Michael Nunn

Michael Nunn - famouslefties.com

Known as “2nd To Nunn”, he became the IBF Middleweight Champion of the World by knocking out Frank Tate in 1988. In 1989, Nunn defeated former world title-holder Sumbu Kalambay (who was stripped of his title just prior to the bout) via one-punch knockout. The win was subsequently named the first ever Ring Magazine Knockout of the Year, the much bigger Nunn blasting Kalambay with a hard left hand, putting him down for the ten count. When asked how he got so strong, as he was never known for his power, Nunn responded that he started spending time at Golds Gym in Venice, CA where he met up with a strong man named big Mike who trained with him for a few years. Big Mike was known as the strongest in Venice at the time and had him doing much different lifts than just regular weight lifting. It was the perfect balance of getting stronger, bigger but keeping within the weight limit…more

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